Friday, December 10, 2010

What Others are Writing....

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I thought that it might be good for the first real post to put together a summary of articles and websites on science apps for the iPhone/Touch.

While it was now written a couple of years ago, the Wired article by Alexis Madrigal is still a good starting place for science app information (see here). While the detail on each app is very limited (usually just a sentence), it is a good place to start. It covers 22 apps from a variety of different areas of science.

Written about the same time (mid 2008) article in SeedMagazine rates the top 10 science apps of the time, covering apps from biology, astronomy, calculators and more.

In July 2010 a blogger reviewed the best science apps for the iPad. While only apps are covered, it does include a good amount of detail in the review of most of them.

The Christian Science Monitor did a nice article recently on the best astronomy apps for the iPad. This is an area that is especially rich in coverage, with several good options, and a personal interest of mine, so expect to see more on this later!. But in the meantime, this is a great starting point for astro enthusiasts looking for some great apps.

A biotechnology oriented, and brief, look at some apps is available here. By the way, the Papers app is very much reality, and has been for some time, and is one of my favourites I will write more on later. An updated few additions from biotechlife is available here.

A.J. Lentini wrote a brief article on 10 worthwhile science apps which is available here.

The CNET folks (or at least the Australian branch) did a really nice analysis of some great free iPhone science apps that you can read here. While the list is limited, it does do a great job of identifying several that I consider personal favourites, and this would be a good place to start your search.

If you have come across a good article or blog on this topic, why not write a comment and leave the link (even if you wrote the article yourself!).

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