Wednesday, February 22, 2012

10 Great Science App Sites

Rather than review an individual app I thought that it might be time again to draw together the best sites for information on apps suitable for science.  I have tried to concentrate on those that are comprehensive and provide detailed critical information on the apps.  I was somewhat surprised that with that criteria it was hard to actually find many sites, and the last few tend not to be terribly broad or comprehensive. 
  1. Teach With Your iPad Wiki: This is a very nice collection of both free and paid apps for the iPad.  It is divided into different subject areas including astronomy, biology, chemistry and earth science.  It seems most comprehensive in the biology area, although a number of good ideas for chemistry too.  I like that in a few cases there are links to videos or animations to show the operation of the app.

  2. Apple Lists: Apple itself provides a good starting point for education apps geared to science.  If you go slightly down the page, there is a set of links to science specific content, including apps for astronomy and earth science, biology and life science, chemistry and physics.  An elegant and beautiful introduction to science apps.

  3. Apps in Education: This is a bit hit or miss.  It has short reviews, not particularly critical, of a number of science apps, and also a much longer list of some science apps that have not been reviewed.  The overall site, developed by a visual arts teacher with strong web 2.0 interests, is full of gems however, and I recommend giving it a look even if science is not as strong as some other areas.

  4. 40 Most Awesome List:  I like the choices made here, as far as it goes.  It starts with a brief list, then has lists by subject (e.g. biology) or by type (e.g. utilities).  Subjects like physics are totally missing.  It is far from comprehensive, but a good place to start finding quality apps for science.

  5.  ScienceApps Blog How could we not list our own blog!?  I think the strength of this site is that we only include detailed and critical reviews.  So far at least our coverage is by no means comprehensive, and we have not yet set it up so that it is easy to find all the apps on a specific subject area.  But give our entire blog a read please!

  6. Apps for Science Lovers:  While this only covers a small number of apps, it does have brief reviews of a number of those most deserving consideration by scientists and science learners and teachers.

  7. Great Free iPad Science Apps: While a very limited list, I like the coverage and the emphasis on free science apps (as well as great visual look) that Terry Gray, a technology supervisor at Palomar College, uses in his list.

  8. Top App Reviews The link gives the list for astronomy, but once at the site you can readily find apps for other areas.  The name is a bit of a misnomer, since while it calls it a review list, really it is mainly just a list with links.  Nevertheless, it is one place to find many of the paid and free apps within a category.

  9. List:  This is a very short list, but with several interesting suggestions for physicists ranging from particle physics to physics based mechanical games.

  10. Chemistry List :  This is a short list with some good suggestions for chemistry (although general science, physics and biology learners would find some interesting).
    I am sure I have missed a number of the great science lists out there.  Why not post a comment with your own suggestions?  I will modify this post taking into account suggestions and comments.


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